3 Steps To Photograph A Wedding If You Are An Amateur

In a wedding, one of the most significant and valued parts are in the photography. The photos often document the whole wedding from groundwork and details to guests to the sentiments and the very end of the ceremony. While most couples hire professional photographers for their wedding, there are still others who rely on family and friends for great pictures. Here are some ways in which you can take some great wedding photos.

Comprehend your role
The first step is establishing whether you will be taking photographs in addition to a expert photographer or whether you will be the sole photographer where most of the wedding photos will be dependent on you. Whatever it is, make sure that there is mutual understanding of what is expected, is reasonable and is per your abilities. For example, if videos are expected from you, it would not be reasonable to expect high quality standards of a certified videographer in Singapore without the right equipment. If this is not established right at the beginning, a lot of misunderstandings are likely to happen later on.

Visit the venue of the wedding
Familiarize with the wedding venue, such as where the formality will be held or where the head table will be located and so on. This will give you an awareness of the type of lighting that will be present, the back drop and this will also help you visualize the kind of photographs that you would like to take. Since it will not be a studio set up or like a photo booth, it would even help for you get some angles and ideas from the internet if you have enough time. Most importantly, make sure that you are seated in a place where it is easily accessible to all areas without disturbing the others. If you are interested about event videography you can visit this site https://vividsnaps.com/event-videography.html.

Write a list
As a wedding has many important moments that need to be captured, you would not want to miss out any of these crucial moments. Although, you might think you already know them in your head, having them written down will help you keep track especially as on that day, things will get very hectic. Chat to the bride and groom as well on what they would want to be photographed aside from the crucial moments such as bride walking down the aisle, cutting the cake or the couple’s first dance. Be sure to be prepared with anything that comes up on that day. Having a plan B will always safe guard you from technical faults, malfunctions, bad weather, uncooperative guests and so on.

Keeping Track Of People And Inventory For Commercial Needs

Commercial needs can be various and one of the most important commercial needs to consider is the company security of any firm. When it comes to company security, there are two main factors to consider. These two factors are the people in the company and the inventory of the company. You get to engage in businesses when these two factors come together. Therefore, it is always necessary to keep these two factors safe.
When it comes to company inventory you only have to keep track of how much of them there are at various stages. However, when it comes to people you have to protect the employees as well as make sure they are not engaged in any activity that is harmful to the company. A proper security system takes care of that in the following manner.
Keeping Track of PeopleFor various commercial needs, mainly for security reasons, you have to keep track of people within your company. You should always know which people are inside the building and which people are leaving it. If an outsider comes there should be a proper way to identify such a person. That is why most of the security desks offer the outside with a “visitor” badge which allows anyone who sees this person know he or she is a visitor. At the same time, by installing a Ruckus outdoor AP you can get to know when unauthorized people enter a building. This can especially be useful at night when only the security guards are there at the company as this system helps to send an alarm notification even to the police while informing you in case of an unauthorized entry.
Keeping Track of Company InventoryYou have to also keep track of the company inventory by using methods such as UHF tags. This is important because it is these items which are in the finished, in the process of being finished and raw materials stages which help you to keep in business. You cannot let anyone take any item without permission. While these tracking process helps to protect the company inventory it also allows you to always know what items or raw materials you need to have in order to stay in business at every second.
When a company is functioning properly, it means all the tasks are being handled and completed properly. This includes the security of the company too. By getting the right technolgy solutions help from the right company you can increase the security of your firm by properly tracking people and company inventory.

Germany is known for their great engineering. German vehicles are one of the most trusted and valued vehicles. They are high in quality and have superior engineering. Germany has many popular automotive manufacturers that are world renowned. Most of the best cars come from Germany. Here is a list of the best automakers in Germany.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is one of the more popular brands in Germany. It is a great example of German engineering. The Mercedes Benz brand was first formed 28th June 1926 and founded by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. Mercedes Benz has expanded production to many countries such as India, USA, UK, Russia and China are some of them. They have a reputation for good quality and durability and are usually ranked highly in quality rankings. Also Mercedes Benz has one of the lowest vehicle recall rate. They have 24hrs car battery replacement and roadside assistance.


The modern day Audi was founded on 1st January 1969 by August Horch. The headquarters is situated in Bavaria, Germany. The company was named after August Horch, Horch being listen in German translates to Audi in Latin. Audi along with BMW and Mercedes are among the best-selling automobile brands in the world. Audi has many ranges of vehicles from family cars to sports cars. They have begun investing in electric vehicles as well. From 1982 to 1987 there were issues regarding unintended acceleration in Audi’s and they have provided 24 hours roadside assistance for any issue.


BMW or Bavarian Motor Works was founded on 7th March 1916. The company was founded by Franz Josef Popp, Karl Rapp and Camillo Castiglioni. BMW along with Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz are currently the best-selling car manufacturers from Germany and the world. The British Brand, the Rolls Royce Motor Cars is owned by BMW. Similar to Mercedes BMW’s are known for their high quality and durability and their road side assistance help with BMW battery replacement, jumps starting etc. In recent years they have started the BMW i line with popular cars such as BMW i3 and i5 that are fully electric.


Volkswagen was founded on the 4th of January 1937 and is the largest automaker in the world. Volkswagen popularised the Beetle world over and it was one of the most influential car in the 20th century. The Beetle is also the longest running and most manufactured car of a single platform ever made. In recent years Volkswagen have fallen into controversy that caused many fines and overhaul in the company. They had used software to determine when the vehicle was used for emission testing and artificially controlled emission to pass the test. Since then they have promised to improve emission and focus more on hybrid and electrical vehicles.

Great Ideas To Surprise Parents

Baby showers are a fun and sweet occasions for new parents to celebrate the birth of their baby and also take some time to have some fun. Usually the shower itself will be arranged by a friend or a family member, so if you want to give an element of surprise then you can do so by contacting them getting through there. Or otherwise you can always show up as a regular guest and give your awesome gift to surprise the soon-to-be new parent unit as well.

Cool booties

If you want to impress your notions of what cool is then buy something you consider as such from the plethora of baby booty selection available on stores and online shops. There are custom made ones which you can give the designs to, then there are handmade items which packs punch when it comes to authenticity then traditional stuff you can ask from your grandma and grandpa to supply and et cetera. When it comes to getting shoes, you will have trouble just picking a pair. 

Taimaobi Singapore

The traditional method of providing gift for a newborn in some parts of the East Asian culture is by giving the gift of a hair brush made from the baby’s first cut called a cultural Taimaobi in Singapore. You usually carve the message of well wishes and encouragement on the handle of the brush and it is supposed to bring good luck to the baby. This a sweet way to integrate cultural stuff into your gift.


A bouncer would be a good gift that is also practical for any new parent. There are different versions that you can get from the wild jungle version to the space astronaut one. Each one has its own variation of spinners, music, tiny plushies, comfy pads and other pockets to keep stuff as well. A bouncer is useful since the baby can relax near the parent without too much fussing.

Baby carrier

One of the best things to have around, and not one too many either. Baby carriers are essential for any new parent and if you buy a good brand it will last for the second or third baby as well. A baby carrier is another practical gift that the couple will be grateful for as the newest styles on market take into consideration the anatomy of the baby and also the carrying parent, and most of them are technologically advanced.

Pick your gift to be sentimental and/ or practical. For any gift always accompany with a card giving your wishes and also luck for the parents and the baby.

Architectural Models For Lifelike Impressions

When it comes to creating architectural model creations, there are several complex buildings and structures that need to be created which involve intricate processes and methods that are time consuming. For such reasons, architectural firms are on the lookout for technology that can help make model building an easier process. Link here http://3dmatters.com.sg/3d-printing.html for more information about 3d printing technology in Singapore.

Implications of modern-day printing for architecture

Nowadays 3d design services offer several possibilities for architecture firms. The technology makes use of computer aided design software that has virtual design capabilities. As such software is mostly in use in such films, it is easy to adapt to the next level of technology that is the creation of three dimensional models. There is scanner technology and applications that can help take virtual design to the next level. Such software also links to a three dimensional printer. Many firms which have adapted such technology and expertise have three dimensional printing software and hardware which can make architectural models come to life. With a 3D scanner any complex model is scanned and converted into a two dimensional image. Any image created through CAD can also be converted into a three dimensional model through the method of slicing. As a result of slicing, any model design is converted into hundreds or thousands of horizontal layers or two dimensional images. When such data is keyed into a three dimensional printer it helps to create models printed layer by layer.

Innovations with three dimensional printing

Many architectural firms are making use of 3d print Singapore technology to model different building projects. It is not only a technology whose potential remains restricted to the creation of modules for models, but can actually act as construction material in many cases. For instance, housing modules for moon’s surface might soon be a reality that is created with the help of such technology. Indeed, this technology has much contribution in the design stage as well as in different construction processes. As the technology has advanced and made model building faster, even in case of complex designs, more and more industries are realizing the benefits of using this technology.

For smaller firms it makes economic sense to outsource such modeling and construction work to expert three dimensional printing services. When ad hoc requirements exist, availing of the service of any printing company that offers this technology can help cut costs and avail of the benefits of this technology at the same time. It is possible to look up different three dimensional printing services online and find one which takes on similar assignments as exists for a firm, for promotional or modeling purposes.

Your Rights As An Auditor

As a citizen in the country we all have the right to good education, right to fulfil our basic needs, right to live, right to speak and right to stay peaceful and not be judged upon the race or caste you belong to. People keep fighting about different rights every single day; some could be to get the equality among men and women, some would be to have better access to information, some to have more controlling powers over their duties, some to get better benefits than to what they are already entitled into. However, rights are something that everyone seeks for as a moral and socially justice entitlement for who they are and what they do.

You may have seen the advertisements posted by the banking recruiters in Singapore or any recruiter in general would explain the kind of responsibilities that they have by taking up a particular profession. This is to inform them on the kind of obligations they have towards the role they will be choosing to play. If someone has a set of responsibilities to fulfil, this in turn grant them a set of rights that must be satisfied by the employer on the other end as well. This read will talk about the kind of rights an auditor will have to be offered in turn for the services they offer to a specific company.

Access and Explanations

Most of the company audit jobs  provide the privilege of being able to access any books, records, journals and financial statements of the company without any prior approval. They can not only go through these books but also request for explanations as to why certain figures and information look a particular way by the board and the other employees who are involved in the process of preparing them.

Meetings and Visits

When it comes to meetings, they can always attend the general or special meetings without any invitation as they have the right to attend these and get information. They could also visit the main or any sub branches of the company to go through any books or journals held at these several branches.

Question and Clarification

If they ever come across any doubtful areas in these reports or ambiguous numbers, they can always seek recruitment companies to question on these areas and clarify where necessary before proceeding with anything else.

These are some of the rights that an auditor gets entitled to by working in a specific company and the violation of any of these will only give them the right to seek redress.