Ways To Motivate Employees

Your employees are the most important element in business organization. They have the ability to uplift the organization or pull it down. Hence it is important that you keep them motivate and satisfied. It is natural that employees will be dissatisfied after sometime which will drastically affect your company’s productivity. So here are some of the ways you could keep them motivated so that they would work more effectively and efficiently.

1. Reward great work
Remember the cash or other rewards you got from your parents for every A you obtained in college exams? Well, it is the same process here. Of course your company must have a formal reward system, however the rewards beyond that are what really drive your employees. This does not only mean cash rewards. A simple acknowledgement in front of senior management and peers could do the magic. You could also take them out for pizza or go an extra mile and reward them with weekends away.

2. Create a welcoming environment
Imagine working in an unclean and untidy environment. Would you like to come to work everyday? Cleanliness in the workplace is vital. According to motivational theories brought up by psychologists, employees are not only motivated by monetary factors but also by hygiene factors. Hence always make it a point to make the company a pleasant working environment. Also, your working environment needs to be approachable and friendly so that your employees could come up to you for any sort of problem, be it may a personal problems or simply that he does not know to operate the ERP system.

3. Invest in training
The most common problem why employees are de-motivated is because they are not comfortable with the work. It could be either that they have no proper knowledge of how to work on the new ERP solution software, they are being given targets that are too high to achieve or simply that they are being given work out of their expertise. Hence invest in training so that they could catch up and work more efficiently and advance in their jobs. This will make them feel as an investment in themselves.

4. Surprise your staff
Who doesn’t like surprises? Going on with the same routine everyday could make them bored and dissatisfied. Hence to pump up the mood, you can plan out surprises such as giving them a sudden day off, taking everyone out for pizza or a movies, giving them personalized gifts etc. You only need to make a small gesture and it could do wonders.