The Ideal Advertising Opportunities

Marketing executives and the marketing team of companies are constantly challenged to identify different advertising opportunities that will stand out and are targeted towards the target audience. But, advertising and having the customers have a top of the mind recall can a very a difficult task as the numbers and figures cannot explain the real scenario and the outcome would be much different from the expected numbers. Therefore you might be constantly challenged to do better advertising and make sure a bigger audience is reached.

Paper based advertising

Although many believe that the paper based media is dead and there is absolutely no point in advertising with print media, there are number of selected scenarios that can be an exception. You could look at travel and other magazines which are stationed inside the aircrafts and resting lounges and advertise with them as the customers are bound to at least look through the magazine. Also, do a research and identify the magazines which are mostly used by companies to be placed at their lobby seating area. As there are a number of clients and potential employees constantly being seated at this area, they are bound to look through these magazines and read if an article looks interesting.

Screen based

It is generally observed that the people would always visit the movie mall before the movie starts and they are usually in an excited mood to watch the movie. Therefore, they are having a laser sharp focus and great attention to detail during this time. Therefore an outdoor cinema in Singapore might be the perfect opportunity for you to run a video roll regarding your product or service and get the customers attention. Make sure to keep it really interesting and eye catching and to play it a few times before the movie starts and during the intermission. You are bound to catch the eye of the customers and have much more queries. Don’t repeat it too many times but just enough times, so that the people remember the brand message that is cooked up in the video pre-roll.

Digital advertising

This is the medium that is mostly popular and is believed to be getting the most number of sales. Therefore, make sure first to identify who exactly are your target clients and then device a brand plan and brand strategies on how to target these clients without wasting your money online. Some products would be having more sales through Facebook and some through twitter. Whatever the platform that you use make sure the results are driven by the intention to purchase.

Different special promotions

You might sometimes have a very specific client set in mind where your product is exactly targeted for these customers and for nobody else. If this is the scenario, you can easily target the events that these customers attend to like corporate movie events and exclusive cinema experience. You can advertise yourself at these places and therefore have a much higher impact directly on your target audience. These types of promotions are mostly suitable for luxury products which are driven by a target set of clients and not by the public in general.

Your advertising campaign is as successful as your plans for them are. Therefore plan well before implementing to get the best output off your company money.