Still Photography Vs. Videography

Photography totally differs from videography as a photo stops time at a second and creates an eternal moment which you can embrace forever. An audiovisual not only captures one moment but it captures the entire series of the moments and reflect back everything which took place as it was. A photo can be printed and taken into a hardcopy which you can keep anywhere you want. So people print pictures and keep them in different places as they could see them all the time they go in that place. But a movie cannot be printed and it needs a particular device to watch the movie whenever you need.

Through high quality video production in Singapore, movie makers do beautiful things which are live and eye catchy. In the process, they shoot, capture, select and edit by putting the best parts together. While editing the video, they can use different effects and music to make it more live and creative. Comparatively the still photos are more limited as they capture only one moment in one picture and it remains the same as there are no moving moments. A photograph too can be edited but no effects can be used other than a few editing software.

Still photography can be done at a particular time and a movie cannot be done so. When photos are taken, it can be done anywhere anytime and finally put together and make on album whereas moviemaking needs to be done exactly at the time when the action or event is going on. If they miss a moment, it cannot be recaptured. Therefore movie making is a little complicated process which needs a lot of resources and a well-trained team. To become a professional one, you need to compete with others and be highlighted in the field and should have a thorough knowledge about movie making, wedding shooting, event covering and video marketing etc.

The expressions made through a photograph totally differs from what expressed by a cinematography. Even though there are world famous photographs which are unique and have a lot to say a usual photograph is just a framed image which has no any effects whereas a movie has got many media to express its ideas. For an example, when a film is made, the video process is the most important one because even if you get an extremely attractive classic story, if the movie is not made properly, it would never become a hit. If a horror movie does not contain the horrific sound effects, it would not make people scared.