How To Improve Your Sleep In Simple Ways

These days, it is quite common to hear around 4 out of 5 people say that they sleep less than six hours a night every day. And most of the time, such statements are met with profound statements of exclamation, and then forgotten about. Thing is, this is something that more than a few of us go through, and it has become so much of a norm that it is accepted. That is quite dangerous. Lack of sleep has a lot more negative effects than just irritability, poor concentration and irregular hunger. It can result in weight gain, heart disease and overall instability that can make you very unhealthy. What can be done though?

Many people often want to change up their bed, but the first thing they think about is the frame. As much as it needs to be sturdy to support you well, this should not be your priority. It is your mattress in Singapore. Though mattresses can be used across an average of 10 years, people often forget by the time they get to this point, and end up sleeping on lumpy, irregular mattresses. This results in all sorts of body aches and pains, including aggravated back pain which is already a widespread problem. Shop around for different mattresses when the time is right to change yours.

It is a rather Goldilocks like approach here. You should not be too stuffed, nor hungry. If you tend to have heavy dinners, have them no later than 7pm. You need to allow your body to digest the food. In general, you should be sticking to eating dinner ‘like a pauper’. Have something that fills you, but is not loaded up with carbs and fats. Watch out for what you drink too. Avoid caffeine laden beverages like tea and coffee and definitely no alcohol.

Whilst some people adore the sanctuary their bedrooms offers, others tend to reset their sleep patterns by changing things up. This includes switching up where they prefer to sleep like on a sofa bed for instance. Though this is obviously not a long-term issue, it definitely works for an occasional shake-up in your sleep routine. Or if you are crashing at a friend’s place and have no other option at this point. Just remember that you must make sure everything is clean and sturdy so you do not suffer any health issues.

Sticklers for routine will find this to be a lot easier, but even if you are not one by nature, do try and adhere to a bedtime ritual. This is because your body will get used to the familiarity after a few days, and automatically prep itself knowing you are about to sleep. Following the same bedtime pattern everyday will actually make it a lot easier to fall asleep, since your body has already been readying itself for a while. It does not have to be too detailed, you just need to stick to it.