How To Give Your Usual Outfits A Twist?

Have you ever looked into your cupboard full of clothes and thought “I don’t have anything to wear”?

Without a doubt, you’ve just given us an enthusiastic “yes!” While for some, it could mean that they’ve outgrown all their outfits, in the case of most, it just means they don’t have anything to wear for that particular occasion, or that they are tired of their current outfits. But what if we tell you that you can give your outfits a twist; just with a few tips? If you’re interested in knowing how, read below to see what our experts say.

Mix In the Styles
Most people tend to stick to one particular style when it comes to their clothes and outfits. It may be because they feel it suits them, or even because they are most comfortable in this particular style. If you’re used to wearing just one style for work, or even feel like mixing it up can make your outfits more edgy and interesting, then trying wearing multiple styles; even in the same outfit! Love your latest streetwear collabs clothes but need something slightly dressier for a party? Try pairing it with a chic pair of heels, or try wearing your summer dresses with the right sneakers.

Bring an Edge with the Colors
In case pairing your puma sneakers in Singaporewith your summer dress isn’t the correct twist your looking for, try experimenting with colors instead. Try colors you don’t wear at all, contrasting colors, complementing colors, or even go for monochrome if you usually wear a lot of bright colors. And in case you are a “solid color” person, try dressing in prints! This will definitely make you look new and different, and even give you the edge you want.

Accessorize the Unexpected Way
Accessorizing the right way can make any outfit new and creative. You just have to use your imagination a little. Just like the shoes and the colors, with accessories too you must try different styles to see what suits you. Don’t be afraid to balance on the edge of your comfort zone or try new styles. Another great tip is to accessorize in unexpected ways. Armband jewelry, shoulder chains/jewelry and body chain jewelry are all considered unexpected and unique.

Playing With Lengths of Your Outfit
The length of the clothes you wear can sometimes help to make you look taller or shorter as you desire. Since most people know this, they tend to select a length that suits them, and happily stay within that limitation. But if you want to give your outfits a twist, you should really think about plying with said lengths. Even high-low outfits can be interesting to try out…