How Can I Prevent Pollution?

As Neil Armstrong said, one small step for a man is one giant leap for mankind. Those simple words have much to ponder on. A single step by one person could make the biggest difference. If each and every one of us shoulder’s the responsibility of keeping our environment clean then automatically we have an entirely cleaner and greener mother Earth to live in. so, how can you be instrumental in preventing pollution?

Noise Pollution
Noise is not pleasant when the seats are reversed. When we are responsible for creating the noise we don’t give much thought to it. What we often tend to say is, “Why can’t he mind his own business?” Well, if the noise disturbs him, then it is his business. And you are obliged as a mindful human being to stop making that noise. So don’t be arrogant and ignorant by not taking notice of someone saying you’re disturbing their peace of mind. Don’t make too much noise, especially in the night times. It’s great having a party with friends or family but make sure to not disturb the others around you. When you instill that quality in you, you will teach many other’s like yourself that it is fundamentally wrong to disturb others with any kind of noise whatever the time of the day or night!

Air pollution
Air pollution is on a considerable rise. Many factories and plants carelessly emit poisonous gases into the environment. And they pay a small fee in exchange to get that ability. Most developing countries are victims of such oblivious practices. Some of the factories don’t even pay the fee because they have enough political influence and ability. But what most people tend to overlook is the effects of such air pollution. From simple illnesses such as coughs and colds to bronchitis to other lung related problems air pollution is the major cause. There are even some severe cases where people have lost their voices due to harmful toxins and chemicals being released into air. Even pregnant women are said to be effected by the harmful gases and produce babies with various defaults and health problems. Installing a decompression chamber in such factories will minimize the poisonous gases being released into air. Even vehicles emit considerable amounts of poisonous gases.

The solution is already here. Electric cars can be a great alternative. As they have zero emission. Also hybrid cars are another greener option. So try to switch to greener options. And if there are factories or plants in the vicinity make sure they adhere to the rules and regulations take it upon yourself and people in your area to notify the relevant authorities don’t be oblivious to your surroundings.

Also a simple solution to air pollution is to plant more trees and plants. Reduce global warming therewith. Start by planting more trees in your own garden and encourage others to do the same.

Water pollution
Pollution is everywhere. Even water is now polluted. How often do we go to the beach and see garbage and other polythene items thrown into the seas? The marine animals are now consuming these garbage and are dying due to their toxic materials. Be socially responsible, don’t throw garbage into the waters. Teach your kids, siblings, friends and who ever that needs to be taught the harmful effects of polluting the waters. Divers in a diving bell that helps them to work underwater, are proof to this. Some divers return back with teary eyes. Why? Because the beauty of the world beneath has been destroyed by the garbage man has ruthlessly thrown in. why are we as humans so good in destroying everything? Being intelligent creatures isn’t it our responsibility to look after our mother Earth? Be it a river, ocean or a small oasis, value the water. Don’t waste it and don’t ever pollute it. You are socially responsible for it. You make a change and the change will happen around you!

Being socially responsible of your environment and making sure there is zero pollution from you will help make our world a better place to live. It is simply no use just talking, it is import to walk the talk. Practice what you preach. Be cleaner, be greener and we’ll have a much better world to live in!