Great Ideas To Surprise Parents

Baby showers are a fun and sweet occasions for new parents to celebrate the birth of their baby and also take some time to have some fun. Usually the shower itself will be arranged by a friend or a family member, so if you want to give an element of surprise then you can do so by contacting them getting through there. Or otherwise you can always show up as a regular guest and give your awesome gift to surprise the soon-to-be new parent unit as well.
Cool booties
If you want to impress your notions of what cool is then buy something you consider as such from the plethora of baby booty selection available on stores and online shops. There are custom made ones which you can give the designs to, then there are handmade items which packs punch when it comes to authenticity then traditional stuff you can ask from your grandma and grandpa to supply and et cetera. When it comes to getting shoes, you will have trouble just picking a pair. 
Taimaobi Singapore
The traditional method of providing gift for a newborn in some parts of the East Asian culture is by giving the gift of a hair brush made from the baby’s first cut called a cultural Taimaobi in Singapore. You usually carve the message of well wishes and encouragement on the handle of the brush and it is supposed to bring good luck to the baby. This a sweet way to integrate cultural stuff into your gift.
A bouncer would be a good gift that is also practical for any new parent. There are different versions that you can get from the wild jungle version to the space astronaut one. Each one has its own variation of spinners, music, tiny plushies, comfy pads and other pockets to keep stuff as well. A bouncer is useful since the baby can relax near the parent without too much fussing.
Baby carrier
One of the best things to have around, and not one too many either. Baby carriers are essential for any new parent and if you buy a good brand it will last for the second or third baby as well. A baby carrier is another practical gift that the couple will be grateful for as the newest styles on market take into consideration the anatomy of the baby and also the carrying parent, and most of them are technologically advanced.
Pick your gift to be sentimental and/ or practical. For any gift always accompany with a card giving your wishes and also luck for the parents and the baby.