Becoming You Own Professional Photographer

Don’t we all consider ourselves to be lovers of beauty? I mean who doesn’t like to look at something beautiful and stare at it for hours. And with development of our mobiles into almost professional cameras we tend to capture all our favorite and precious moments in pictures. We click away thousands of pictures in a single event in our lives. As a result I think most of us have developed an artistic mind and an average knowledge of lighting and posing and so on. So it wouldn’t hurt to say that we have become quite professional in the art of taking photographs. But then why is it that we go in search of professionals when it comes to weddings and baby photographs. So here are a few tips on how you can capture the most amazing pictures of your baby, hassle free.

Choosing the Prefect Times
You obviously want to have a variety in the way the pictures of your baby have been taken. If you had used the services of a professional baby photography studio in Singapore then they would have offered you an array of ideas. You can do a similar job by taking pictures of your baby while he/she is asleep and awake, in the crib or on a rug. You can experiment in various ways. While your baby is asleep always take pictures in such a way that you capture the innocence on their face. And you can portray the fact that they are dreaming away about something lovely. Take pictured when they are wrapped up in blankets or just after a bath when they are looking fresh and perky.

Focus On the Sharp Features
Each bay has some feature that stands out. The eye of a baby photographer will catch these easily. It could be the jet black spiky hair or their green eyes or their pudgy fingers. So try to always enhance these features in your photographs. Don’t go about randomly clicking away. Try to capture the moment when he/she is clasping your finger in his/her hand or when they are yawning away. These little moment make for excellent photographs.

Add A Little Bit of Creativity
Make sure you use the proper lighting to make it look like your baby is always surrounded by that amazing angelic halo. Natural light is the best way to go most of the time, but there is absolutely no harm in going for some artificial lighting if you want click pictures of your baby during the night time. Try to play with ideas like involving you older kids if you have any in the photographs, because these make the pictures all that more natural and will make sure you are giving enough attention to all your kids and they don’t feel left out.
So don’t be afraid to let your ideas flow and try your hand at something new.