Beauty Tips For The Teenage Soul

Teenagers experience a series of changes as they hit puberty. Hormonal fluctuations bring in their share of problems such as acne, weight issues and mood swings. Due to this, teenagers are always on the lookout to modify their appearance. Here are a few tips to help you along the way

Avoid too much makeup
Although your insecurities might be increasing by the day, it does not mean that you have to slather on layers of makeup to hide them. Since your skin is very young and sensitive at this point, over exposure to harsh chemicals and beauty products may increase chances of breaking out. Makeup may also clog pores and increase acne, which might lead you to opt for acne scar removal treatments later in order to get rid of acne scars.

Maintain a skincare routine
It is important to figure out your skin type and use the appropriate products. Use a gentle cleanser twice a day and incorporate a toner and moisturizer as well. It would also be recommended to use a face scrub at least twice a week to scrub away the impurities .Avoid using products with harsh chemicals and don’t overuse them as well, because with teenage skin, a little product goes a long way. The use of a wrong product can lead to severe breakouts and skin rashes too, so make sure you read the labels when purchasing your product.

Eat healthy
During this phase, the skin is most likely to get very oily and acne prone, therefore it is important to keep yourself hydrated and eat a healthy balanced diet. Avoid oily food and junk foods which may contribute to the negative effects on your skin and body weight as well. Include fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet in order to increase your vitamins and mineral intake.

DIY it
Most teenagers start thinking of extreme measures such as rhinoplasty in Singapore or expensive creams to modify their appearance. However, they fail to see that their body is undergoing a major transformation and each day it experiences a different change. Therefore, such permanent measures are useless. Instead, you could try home remedies every week to suit your skin type. This will ensure that the skin is clean, healthy and free from overexposure to harsh chemicals.

Teenage skin is quite young and undergoes a change for a certain period of time. Therefore, it is best to be patient and not stress out about that tiny zit on your chin as it will all go off eventually, leaving behind happy, healthy skin.