4 Home Remedies That Can Be Used To Alleviate Back Pain

One of the most common pains that a person can get is usually back pain. Most adults experience some sort of back pain during their lifetime, however if the pain is chronic and affects your daily activity, then consulting a doctor is the first thing that you should do. There are some ways in which you can strengthen your back and relieve pain at the comfort of your home. Find below some easy home remedies.

Applying a heat pack
Applying heat is a common method used to alleviate back pain as it helps your muscles to relax and relieves tension. This is mainly used if your back pain is not a result of any injury or fall. Unlike remedies used for knee osteoarthritis treatment in Singapore, where heat is not applied to relieve pain, the discomfort caused by a chronic back pain can be greatly reduced by applying a heat pack by using a heating pad or hot bottle pack. Sometimes even a dry hot towel can be used provided it is used carefully as not to burn.

Applying a cold pack
Similarly, a cold pack or ice can be used in the case of any swelling or inflammation but not for typical chronic back pains. Icing can reduce swelling especially if it is arthritis related or caused by an injury. Icing can be used for swelling in the body especially in the feet and is the usual home remedy recommended by a foot pain specialist for example.

Foam roller
A foam roller can help to relive muscle soreness and pain as it massages your back and body when placed properly. You can start off with normal low density rollers and move to ones with nodules or bumps that can hit specific trigger points in the body when laid on it.

Having a good posture and making sure you stand upright without slouching will help strengthen your back while simultaneously making you stand out and look good. Slouching is known to add pressure on your back and cause pain therefore it is important to maintain good posture and make it a good practicing habit. Make sure to pay attention on how you stand and sit during the day. This is especially true if you have to sit at a desk for long hours at work. Keep your feet flat and lower back supported to the back of the chair at all times so that you are not slumping. Don’t forget to take a short break to walk and stretch a little.