3 Steps To Photograph A Wedding If You Are An Amateur

In a wedding, one of the most significant and valued parts are in the photography. The photos often document the whole wedding from groundwork and details to guests to the sentiments and the very end of the ceremony. While most couples hire professional photographers for their wedding, there are still others who rely on family and friends for great pictures. Here are some ways in which you can take some great wedding photos.

Comprehend your role
The first step is establishing whether you will be taking photographs in addition to a expert photographer or whether you will be the sole photographer where most of the wedding photos will be dependent on you. Whatever it is, make sure that there is mutual understanding of what is expected, is reasonable and is per your abilities. For example, if videos are expected from you, it would not be reasonable to expect high quality standards of a certified videographer in Singapore without the right equipment. If this is not established right at the beginning, a lot of misunderstandings are likely to happen later on.

Visit the venue of the wedding
Familiarize with the wedding venue, such as where the formality will be held or where the head table will be located and so on. This will give you an awareness of the type of lighting that will be present, the back drop and this will also help you visualize the kind of photographs that you would like to take. Since it will not be a studio set up or like a photo booth, it would even help for you get some angles and ideas from the internet if you have enough time. Most importantly, make sure that you are seated in a place where it is easily accessible to all areas without disturbing the others. If you are interested about event videography you can visit this site https://vividsnaps.com/event-videography.html.

Write a list
As a wedding has many important moments that need to be captured, you would not want to miss out any of these crucial moments. Although, you might think you already know them in your head, having them written down will help you keep track especially as on that day, things will get very hectic. Chat to the bride and groom as well on what they would want to be photographed aside from the crucial moments such as bride walking down the aisle, cutting the cake or the couple’s first dance. Be sure to be prepared with anything that comes up on that day. Having a plan B will always safe guard you from technical faults, malfunctions, bad weather, uncooperative guests and so on.