March 2017

Using Surgery As A Mode To Increase Self Esteem

When it comes to beauty there are various ways to achieve it and one of the most famous methods which people turn towards is surgery. When we are to talk about surgery the whole topic is very arguable. But however, when we are to think of it surgery might be needed during some instances. Sometimes, surgery is a necessity. For instance if you meet with an accident and break a bone you might have to get yourself operated to make sure that you can walk again. During such times surgery is a necessity. On the other hand, there might be times where you may choose surgery just to increase your self-esteem. You might not fancy the mode which you need to take up but you might be left with no choice. Therefore, you might have to move forward with it.

Talking about surgery which could be taken up for self-esteem there are 2 different types. One is cosmetic surgery while the other is plastic surgery. Both of these help you feel better about yourselves. Both of these surgery forms have completely different motives. Cosmetic surgery is usually taken up to enhance a person’s appearance and plastic surgery is usually taken up when you want to get rid of a defect in your body. Either way, when people are to choosing these methods they usually take them up because of their own personal preferences and the insecurities which they carry upon and this could be the last resort for them to feel good about themselves. If you have a problem in your face, you could turn towards nose fillers in Singapore.

If you do not want to move forward with laser therapy, you could simply settle down with a simple face lift. Talking about plastic surgery and defects even though it’s a minor defect it might a vast influence on the way you look and it might hurt you greatly. For instance, this could be a good method which could be taken forward by a burnt victim. This might help the burnt victim redeem his/her look. If you are interested about  you can visit this website

Nonetheless, if you are to ask yourself if it’s possible to increase self-esteem without surgery the answer is “Yes”. But for this you need to make sure that you treat everyone around you greatly. We may not realize it, but the simple stuff which we say might have a large impact on the people who receive it. Therefore, it’s always good to say things in a positive tone. We live in a world which has standards which are sky rocketing. Therefore, it might be nearly impossible to keep up with everything. Therefore, saying positive things could bring a much needed change to the world.

Saving Money On Your Shopping List

Most of us struggle significantly to pay our bills at the end of the month and simply get through the month. We manage on a pay cheque to pay cheque basis with barely enough money to help us get through the end of the month. We truly believe that we save as much money as possible and that we buy the least amount of things however, on more detailed inspection, you will notice that there are a lot more things that you can do to save money and to make a little bit more money on the side too. There are better ways to do your shopping and there are better ways to save up more time which will not only let you relax but will let you use that saved time to work more productively.

Always buy on offers
One way to save money is to only buy your things when there are offers. If you need to buy effective Biore facial foam in Singapore for example, you will see that it is available at different prices at different supermarkets and that in some cases, it will be on offer in a particular supermarket. Always make it a point to look for offers when shopping because this will help you save a significant amount of money. If there is a buy one get one free offer on a particular product, you can then buy those products in bulk and keep it for a year so that you will then save on many products when you consider the entire year. Always make sure of course that you check the expiry date of the products before you buy them.

Avoid impulse purchases
Upon getting your pay, you might see a foot massager that you like and buy it without a second thought because you might feel like it would make you feel better when you are tired after a big day at the work place.

It is the impulse purchases that we buy that can be avoided to save more money. This said however, it is also important for us to buy ourselves a small gift every now and then. Therefore, the better option would be for you to allocate a certain amount of money every month that you can spend on a treat for yourself and then you will be able to avoid spending unnecessary money on impulse purchases. If you really look at it in detail, you will notice that you actually do spend a lot of money on small impulse purchases.

How To Choose The Right Option!

Furniture shopping as we all know is a tedious task. Getting the right ones at the right prices almost always seem impossible. Listed below is some of the tips recommended by some of recent buyers and pro interior designers.

Quality of the product
Will the product you’re planning on buying stand the test of time? A furniture in any home is a long term investment so be wary of the quality of furniture you buy. Check the frames of the furniture if they are too light or flexible you might want to think twice before buying that piece. A long lasting piece of furniture usually is strong and quite heavy comparatively and is not flimsy. They also sport thick wooden frames to increase their durability. Even if it costs a little more than usual because of the good quality, it might be wise to go ahead, since they will last longer.

Quality of the fabrics
If you are planning on buying sofas or the recently more hyped about sofa bed, you will need to think about its fabric. Even when considering stools or chairs for a dining table fabrics are a very vital factor. There are various fabrics being used and you may want to check on the thickness of the fabric and how durable it is. Also check if it is spill proof meaning if something is spilt over you can easily get rid of it. Make sure to seat yourself on the sitting furniture’s to make sure they are comfortable enough. What better way to check its comfortability, right?

Money is a very deciding factor when buying anything. Furniture buying is no different. However, money solely shouldn’t be the factor deciding whether or not you buy a piece of furniture. Because sometimes a furniture is not worth the price but most often than not an expensive piece of furniture is an investment in a durable piece that adds much value to your home. Budget your money and try to stick to your budget as much as possible and avoiding deviating by buying useless pieces just because they seemed a good offer. Rather buy only those that you really need. You can do some research on an online furniture shop before actually heading out to get an idea of the prices you should be considering.

Furniture’s solely contribute the ambience of a home. So make sure what you are buying blends in with existing ones and the colour schemes. Don’t buy a very modern piece of furniture when you have all antique styled ones. But if you really must buy such a piece try to get more complimenting ones to match your new buy. Give it a highlight to not make it feel out of place. Try to add to the ambience without overcrowding furniture, keep it simple. A simple setting is the key to an ambient and luxurious home environment!

Don’t fret! Getting your perfect home is actually now a piece of cake with so many options available virtually and realistically. You can find that perfect piece of furniture to match your home with not much of an effort. Do some research before actually buying, it’s guaranteed you won’t go wrong! On a side note, professional help might actually be worth it, if you are planning on a complete furnishing to give your home the look it deserves.

Tips On Buying An External Storage Device

These days we all tend to run out of space on our computer at some point or the other. This could be with regards to your personal needs or work needs. When you look at personal needs people download movies a lot these days. We also download TV series as well. Due to this fact we all end up needing a lot of space. If you are an avid fan of music or you are an amateur photographer you are going to have a lot of stuff that you don’t want to delete and want to keep around. But as your computers space keeps on reaching its limit you will realize that you need an alternative. This applies to work stuff as well. When it comes to work related materials, there may be a lot of things that you need to keep for your records and accounting purposes.
The alternative or rather the answer to the problem is to use an external drive like a portable hard disks (HDD) for an example. This way you can add keep more stuff with you. Increased storage capacity is one thing on the other hand you can also use them to keep a backup of all the stuff you don’t want to lose in case your computer or laptop crashes. Sure such things happen very rarely and don’t really happen to everybody but it does happened sometimes. If it’s your personal computer there maybe memories in terms of pictures and videos which are irreplaceable, ones you really don’t want to lose. If it’s your work computer there may be certain documents that could cause problems to your business if you lost. Due to this reason you should invest in an external storage device.
Now keep in mind that they come in different types. HDD as I mentioned earlier is one of them. You also have the option of going for Solid State Drive in Asia (SSD). HDD are usually cheaper and more easily available in the market. SSD is much faster but more expensive as well. You should decide depending on your budget and needs what you want to go with. Regardless of that you then need to decide on the size that you want to go with. There ones with the capability to store a couple of terabyte for reasonable prices now. As before depending on your needs and budget you should decide what to go with.
You should also think about such things as security as well. You have regular ones as well as ones with certain security features. This would be the more advisable option especially if you are looking for one for work related use. Regardless of the type you went with you will then have to figure out the USB speed you want to go with. There are still 2.0 models as well and 3.0 are more common now. All in all as you can see you will have to do some research before you can actually buy one. Do some research keeping in mind your needs and budget and find a appropriate model for you.

Becoming A Food Blogger

If your passion in life has been to become a food blogger then you have come to the right place to get some advice and some important information. There are many things that you have to keep in mind when you make the decision to become a food blogger. You must understand that you will not become famous overnight and that it is going to take a lot of hard work and persistence. Therefore, patience is a key thing and you must ensure that you do not give up. You can get ideas from other food bloggers but do not copy them. Here are some tips.

Select an Area
Even food bloggers have areas that they can master. Therefore, it is important that you follow these steps and master your area. If you want to write a review on restaurant catering then you have to ensure that you get it done right. You will have to visit a function where this is used or you will have to ensure that you use these services to write about it. Do not assume things and write as this will not do you any good.

Be Honest In Your Reviews
It is important that you are honest in your reviews. If you go to the finest Boat Quay Restaurants and you taste their food and you do not like some of the things you ate, then you have to be honest about it. If people do read your blog about food and what to eat and not eat, then they are reading it to get an honest opinion. Therefore, lying about it is not going to help and it is only going to make you unpopular in what you do.

Add Pictures
Readers love to see visual things when they read. Therefore, you have to ensure that you carry a camera with you and take pictures of not just the food you eat but of the food as well. This way, people will know what the atmosphere is like as well. Therefore ensure that you take relevant pictures as well. This will be useful to you. If you are interested about vegetarian restaurant you can visit this website

Answer any Questions
People may tend to leave questions for you on your blog. It is only polite that you answer these questions with dignity. Ensure that you do not ignore any of these as these questions might be the ones that make you a famous food blogger. It is always good to interact with the people who read your work as you will be able to learn a thing or two from them as well. Therefore, ensure that you reply.

3 Simple Ways To Surprise Your Best Friend!

Each and every one of us has to have a best friend in our lives to make sure we balance everything we do and to also provide us an emotional support system as well. Sometimes it does not have to take a special day to want to remind your best friend just how grateful you are to have them in your life.

There are some simple ways by which you can easily show your best friend just how much you love and care for them, and it can all be done quite easily as well. So next time you feel like you want to make your best friend happy, go through this list and decide what you have to do for her or him!

Flower surprise
Handing flowers to your best friend is one very easy thing you can do any time you want to! Just talk to an online florist and order some flowers that you know your best friend would fall in love with! If you are actually close to your best friend you would know just what her favorite color is and what her favorite flowers are as well. Make use of this valuable information and order flowers that you know are her absolute favorites! It will be an instant mood lifter and you and your best friend both can experience how flowers make a lot of things better. If you are interested about corporate gift basket you can visit this website

Garden surprises
If you know your best friend is someone who is one with Mother Nature, a plant based surprise is the best for him or her. Try planting one of her favorite flowers or one of her favorite plants in her garden or even your garden and watch just how happy it will make her. If it seems like too much of a hassle you can then order an online terrarium in Malaysia she will not want to part with. Instead of giving her every day, basic gifts this is one unique way of showing her your love in a way she would also find grateful.

A good meal
Plan a good dinner at your house and then invite your best friend over. You could make your way over to the market and shop for all the things your bestie loves to eat! After collecting the necessities for a good meal including her favorite dessert, you can simply cook for her. It is a very intimate and special way of thanking your best friend for everything they have done for you. After eating what you made especially for her, she will be eternally grateful about having a friend like you and also the effort that you made.

Adopting Your First Animal

If you have chosen to adopt your first pet, there are a few things that you need to think about before taking the plunge. While having a pet in your home can be a wonderful experience, it can also be a very big responsibility. It is important that, if you choose to adopt a pet, you make a commitment to involve your pet in any changes that may take place in your life including getting married, moving homes, having a baby or moving overseas to another country. If you are choosing to adopt a pet, you will need to make sure that you are able to commit for at least eighteen years to your pet. Pet abandonment is one of the biggest problems that animal rescue workers face because many people choose to adopt a small cute puppy without much thought for the future and then choose to abandon that pet when the pet is no longer a baby and when their own lives change. Whether you dump the pet on the street or whether you choose to rehome the pet, it is still pet abandonment because pets commit for life and can even get sick and die due to heartache even when they are rehomed in to a good home. They will, in many cases, not take to their new parents no matter how nice they are because they will forever pine for you, their first parent and they will sometimes stop eating or drinking because they are upset which can cause them to become ill and die.

Making the commitment
Having a pet is both an emotional and a financial commitment. You will need to invest money in pet grooming that provides the best care, in your pets nutrition and in medical bills that can in some cases be a lot of money. In essence, it is identical to having a child of your own and the responsibilities are very similar.

Quality dog grooming in Singapore is not a very difficult thing to do yourself if you learn the technique. If you learn how to do it yourself, you will be able to save quite a bit of money and time on taking your dog to have it done at the vets’ office.

Having a pet at home will improve your child’s health and wellbeing in many different ways because your child’s immune system will become very much stronger due to having a pet at home and your child will also become a happier, less stressed child due to having a pet. Pets have the ability to make you feel better even in the most stressful situations.


Furnished Workplace Really A Great Investment

After the furnished apartment, now the turn has come for furnished workplace. The workplace of this type is similar to fully furnished apartment. Because, in this type of workplace, you get everything fitted before you move into the place start your work. Getting a furnished workplace on rent is a trend these days. And there are various advantages of doing so. If you are not aware of this new concept, here are some points shared here, that will tell why furnished workplace is a good investment and what the work advantages you get from it are.

• Cost savy
We all know renting a workplace is always a better option than buying it for the startup companies, because, the startup companies remain short of cash most of the time. Now, how about getting a workplace that has everything inbuilt like furniture, computers, internet and basic work staff. The service offices use to have all the facilities built-in. The company just has to pay the rent for complete package. By taking a serviced office on rent a startup company can save a huge cost. This is because the company does not have to invest on buying things arranging resources to get the equipment placed and arranged in the office properly.

• Concentrate on work
Most of the service providers, who offer serviced offices for lease, use to provide basic staff along with the office. This includes cleaning staff, and admin staff. So, when you move into this office, you just start working, you don’t have to think about other things. All the services are provided by the service provider only.

• Things on shared basis
Few things in offices are not used often, but the office has to pay the rent of those spaces even if they don’t use it. One e.g. is meeting room. The small offices do not require common room very often, but if they take it, then it has to give the rent on it. To solve this problem the service providers have come up with the option of shared meeting rooms. The same room can be shared by different companies has to pay for it when the employee uses it.

This is again an advantage of taking a furnished office on rent.

In addition to these advantages, there are many other present. To know about it you can get in touch with the service providers. They will give you complete information about the same. And because of all these advantages, working in a furnished office is called a smart and intelligent move.

How To Conduct A Leadership Program?

An effective leadership program is the key to creating the future leaders of our generation. If you have what it takes to guide individuals and teach them the techniques towards becoming good leaders, then here are a few tips to make your experience even better while conducting such a program.

Have clear goals
The initial step to starting a leadership program is to identify your goals and how to wish to achieve them. Your goals must include your aims, the ideas which you believe in and your business policies. Once you have made these aspects clear, your employees will have a better idea about what they should strive to achieve and the aspects to focus on. Similarly, if you are working with a different set of individuals such as students, then you would have to create goals which suit their needs.

Focus on your audience
Each leadership program is different from the other. Therefore you must ensure that you plan your program to cater to the needs of that specific audience. For example: if you are conducting a youth leadership program then your goals would be different compared to a leadership program for employees working at a multinational company. The tools and materials used during this program would also differ, as the motivational factors and leadership behaviors of students might differ from those of the working population.

Be realistic
Instead of giving far-fetched examples, it is best to provide a realistic approach to how a leader should work and deal with challenging situations. This would help the audience to relate this to real-world scenarios and their day to day encounters, thereby making the learning process more effective and easy. Try including practical scenarios which they could participate in during the session, in order to witness a live experience of how leaders work.

Identify the suitable individuals
If you are leading such a program, then an important quality which you must possess is having a keen eye to detect and identify individuals who possess leadership qualities. For example: If you are conducting an engineering leadership program then you must be able to identify individuals who are capable enough to lead a project and guide those working under them. Moreover, these individuals must possess skills such as: confidence, effective communication and team work spirit, as these are some of the most important qualities to lead a team. If you are interested about UC bBerkeley summer program you can visit this site

Conducting a leadership program is not as difficult as it may seem. With the effective teaching methods and correct guidance, the participants are sure to learn the tips and tricks to becoming good leaders in the future.

How To De-Clutter Your House?

Most of us live in compact living spaces. From single or two bedrooms homes and apartments to studios even, that often presents a problem of where to stack your belongings. With consumerism being the magic word in any big city or urban area, it is often hard to resist purchasing an item you desire or stocking up on new clothes every other month. But that often leads to over stocking of our wardrobes and cupboards with hardly any space left in them.

Organize items as per frequency of need
There are certain items we need seasonally while some items are stored away for long term use. There are again many belongings that are vital but not things we need every day or often. It would be a good idea to organize your items as per frequency of need. The items that are infrequently required or are heirlooms that cannot be thrown away, these could be stacked away in a storage space rental in Singapore. This will help you store such items in a secure place and not have to give them away or dispose of them simply because of lack of space.

Plan specific locations for different items
Instead of piling your clothes all in one place, it would make sense to have a separate section for party clothing, a larger section for everyday or casual wear or office clothes and a storage section for woolens and travel-wear. This is one way you can reduce clutter within your wardrobes and cupboards. If you have a lot of clothing and other items that you cannot accommodate in your home anymore, you might want to avail of a storage service. This can be particularly useful when you wish to stack away excess furniture items.

De-clutter every day
Make it a habit to put away things in their places every day. This will hardly take time and help you gain a sense of peace and calm every time you look around your apartment. If your wardrobe is neatly arranged, you would want to take a look inside and find your favorite garment easily. The same holds true for putting away books in the sitting rooms, toys in the children’s rooms and so forth. This habit needs to be inculcated in every member of a family. If organizing becomes a habit for everyone, the home will remain neat and tidy at all times.

It is said that a neat and tidy environment helps to instill peace of mind. You will find it in yourself as well as being able to ensure a harmonious environment in your home.

Matters To Consider When Choosing And Using A Storing Space

At different times in life we all get this need to have some storing room to keep some of our items at least temporarily. At such a moment, if one of our family members or a friend has a place to store some items we can use that. However, most of the time, they too do not have such extra space. That means we have to find a storing room of our own.

There are quite reliable companies which provide both personal and rent storage space in Singapore facilities to anyone looking for such a facility. If you pay some attention to the following factors you will be able to find and use a room from such a company according to your needs.

What Can Be Stored at the Rented Place?
You have to first have a look at what items can be stored in the room provided by such a company. Usually, no storing facility allows people to store items which are illegal, explosive, harmful, stolen, hazardous or environmentally harmful. That is understandable as such items can become a threat to anyone’s safety. As long as you do not own any item which falls into such categories you can store anything in the room you have obtained.

How Long Can You Rent the Place?
You have to also see how long you can rent the place. Some facilities only offer long term storing facility. Some offer both long and short term storage. If your need is going to be for a few weeks you can get a room from them. If you are interested about short term storage you can visit this site

How to Arrange All the Items
Once you have obtained the place you will have to consider how you are going to arrange everything which is put in there. With proper packing and labeling you can stack all the items neatly into the room allowing you to get any item at any time without wasting much time.

Security of the Place
Usually, a storing facility comes with good security as this place is supposed to keep your items safe too. They normally only allow you to visit the room where your items are. You can get more details about their security plan by talking with this storing facility provider.

As long as you have paid attention to these factors when you are renting and then using the storing facility, you will be fine. If you have been wise enough to choose the service of a good storing facility provider you will be able to use that room as long as you want to.

3 Steps To Photograph A Wedding If You Are An Amateur

In a wedding, one of the most significant and valued parts are in the photography. The photos often document the whole wedding from groundwork and details to guests to the sentiments and the very end of the ceremony. While most couples hire professional photographers for their wedding, there are still others who rely on family and friends for great pictures. Here are some ways in which you can take some great wedding photos.

Comprehend your role
The first step is establishing whether you will be taking photographs in addition to a expert photographer or whether you will be the sole photographer where most of the wedding photos will be dependent on you. Whatever it is, make sure that there is mutual understanding of what is expected, is reasonable and is per your abilities. For example, if videos are expected from you, it would not be reasonable to expect high quality standards of a certified videographer in Singapore without the right equipment. If this is not established right at the beginning, a lot of misunderstandings are likely to happen later on.

Visit the venue of the wedding
Familiarize with the wedding venue, such as where the formality will be held or where the head table will be located and so on. This will give you an awareness of the type of lighting that will be present, the back drop and this will also help you visualize the kind of photographs that you would like to take. Since it will not be a studio set up or like a photo booth, it would even help for you get some angles and ideas from the internet if you have enough time. Most importantly, make sure that you are seated in a place where it is easily accessible to all areas without disturbing the others. If you are interested about event videography you can visit this site

Write a list
As a wedding has many important moments that need to be captured, you would not want to miss out any of these crucial moments. Although, you might think you already know them in your head, having them written down will help you keep track especially as on that day, things will get very hectic. Chat to the bride and groom as well on what they would want to be photographed aside from the crucial moments such as bride walking down the aisle, cutting the cake or the couple’s first dance. Be sure to be prepared with anything that comes up on that day. Having a plan B will always safe guard you from technical faults, malfunctions, bad weather, uncooperative guests and so on.

Keeping Track Of People And Inventory For Commercial Needs

Commercial needs can be various and one of the most important commercial needs to consider is the company security of any firm. When it comes to company security, there are two main factors to consider. These two factors are the people in the company and the inventory of the company. You get to engage in businesses when these two factors come together. Therefore, it is always necessary to keep these two factors safe.
When it comes to company inventory you only have to keep track of how much of them there are at various stages. However, when it comes to people you have to protect the employees as well as make sure they are not engaged in any activity that is harmful to the company. A proper security system takes care of that in the following manner.
Keeping Track of PeopleFor various commercial needs, mainly for security reasons, you have to keep track of people within your company. You should always know which people are inside the building and which people are leaving it. If an outsider comes there should be a proper way to identify such a person. That is why most of the security desks offer the outside with a “visitor” badge which allows anyone who sees this person know he or she is a visitor. At the same time, by installing a Ruckus outdoor AP you can get to know when unauthorized people enter a building. This can especially be useful at night when only the security guards are there at the company as this system helps to send an alarm notification even to the police while informing you in case of an unauthorized entry.
Keeping Track of Company InventoryYou have to also keep track of the company inventory by using methods such as UHF tags. This is important because it is these items which are in the finished, in the process of being finished and raw materials stages which help you to keep in business. You cannot let anyone take any item without permission. While these tracking process helps to protect the company inventory it also allows you to always know what items or raw materials you need to have in order to stay in business at every second.
When a company is functioning properly, it means all the tasks are being handled and completed properly. This includes the security of the company too. By getting the right technolgy solutions help from the right company you can increase the security of your firm by properly tracking people and company inventory.

Germany is known for their great engineering. German vehicles are one of the most trusted and valued vehicles. They are high in quality and have superior engineering. Germany has many popular automotive manufacturers that are world renowned. Most of the best cars come from Germany. Here is a list of the best automakers in Germany.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is one of the more popular brands in Germany. It is a great example of German engineering. The Mercedes Benz brand was first formed 28th June 1926 and founded by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. Mercedes Benz has expanded production to many countries such as India, USA, UK, Russia and China are some of them. They have a reputation for good quality and durability and are usually ranked highly in quality rankings. Also Mercedes Benz has one of the lowest vehicle recall rate. They have 24hrs car battery replacement and roadside assistance.


The modern day Audi was founded on 1st January 1969 by August Horch. The headquarters is situated in Bavaria, Germany. The company was named after August Horch, Horch being listen in German translates to Audi in Latin. Audi along with BMW and Mercedes are among the best-selling automobile brands in the world. Audi has many ranges of vehicles from family cars to sports cars. They have begun investing in electric vehicles as well. From 1982 to 1987 there were issues regarding unintended acceleration in Audi’s and they have provided 24 hours roadside assistance for any issue.


BMW or Bavarian Motor Works was founded on 7th March 1916. The company was founded by Franz Josef Popp, Karl Rapp and Camillo Castiglioni. BMW along with Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz are currently the best-selling car manufacturers from Germany and the world. The British Brand, the Rolls Royce Motor Cars is owned by BMW. Similar to Mercedes BMW’s are known for their high quality and durability and their road side assistance help with BMW battery replacement, jumps starting etc. In recent years they have started the BMW i line with popular cars such as BMW i3 and i5 that are fully electric.


Volkswagen was founded on the 4th of January 1937 and is the largest automaker in the world. Volkswagen popularised the Beetle world over and it was one of the most influential car in the 20th century. The Beetle is also the longest running and most manufactured car of a single platform ever made. In recent years Volkswagen have fallen into controversy that caused many fines and overhaul in the company. They had used software to determine when the vehicle was used for emission testing and artificially controlled emission to pass the test. Since then they have promised to improve emission and focus more on hybrid and electrical vehicles.

Great Ideas To Surprise Parents

Baby showers are a fun and sweet occasions for new parents to celebrate the birth of their baby and also take some time to have some fun. Usually the shower itself will be arranged by a friend or a family member, so if you want to give an element of surprise then you can do so by contacting them getting through there. Or otherwise you can always show up as a regular guest and give your awesome gift to surprise the soon-to-be new parent unit as well.
Cool booties
If you want to impress your notions of what cool is then buy something you consider as such from the plethora of baby booty selection available on stores and online shops. There are custom made ones which you can give the designs to, then there are handmade items which packs punch when it comes to authenticity then traditional stuff you can ask from your grandma and grandpa to supply and et cetera. When it comes to getting shoes, you will have trouble just picking a pair. 
Taimaobi Singapore
The traditional method of providing gift for a newborn in some parts of the East Asian culture is by giving the gift of a hair brush made from the baby’s first cut called a cultural Taimaobi in Singapore. You usually carve the message of well wishes and encouragement on the handle of the brush and it is supposed to bring good luck to the baby. This a sweet way to integrate cultural stuff into your gift.
A bouncer would be a good gift that is also practical for any new parent. There are different versions that you can get from the wild jungle version to the space astronaut one. Each one has its own variation of spinners, music, tiny plushies, comfy pads and other pockets to keep stuff as well. A bouncer is useful since the baby can relax near the parent without too much fussing.
Baby carrier
One of the best things to have around, and not one too many either. Baby carriers are essential for any new parent and if you buy a good brand it will last for the second or third baby as well. A baby carrier is another practical gift that the couple will be grateful for as the newest styles on market take into consideration the anatomy of the baby and also the carrying parent, and most of them are technologically advanced.
Pick your gift to be sentimental and/ or practical. For any gift always accompany with a card giving your wishes and also luck for the parents and the baby.